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Stragetic Plan Update Year ONE

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T hroughout the 2016-17 school year much progress was made as we underwent a year-long effort to ensure that initiatives of our strategic plan—approved by the Carolina Day School (CDS) board in April 2015—were being implemented. In the 2015-16 school year, seventeen strategic plan task forces crafted three-year implementation plans. This year, sub-committees consisting of about 60 teachers, administrators, and board members, have implemented each initiative's first-year plan. The results have been extraordinary. In January 2017, we held a mid-year meeting in which the committee chairs provided updates; much had already been accomplished. By the time the committee met again in April 2017, we were pleased to report that our goals for year one had been met. Some of the highlights of year one include the following: • Completed Phase I of the facilities strategic plan by renovating Love Hall Lower School and constructing the new Oreck Library; • Finished the It All Begins Here capital campaign for the funding of Phase I construction; • Initiated Upper School chorale and instrumental programs with the hire of a full-time music teacher; • Underwent student and teacher concept design processes for the future Upper School building as designated in Phase II of our facilities plan; • Conducted and processed the results of a survey about diversity at CDS in our efforts to gain momentum in attracting and retaining diverse trustees, faculty, staff, and students; • Hired an after-school and academic summer programs director to increase student enrichment choices and create non-tuition revenue opportunities; • Created a five-year financial model to ensure the school's financial sustainability for the foreseeable future; and • Ensured continued academic excellence and Inquiry Based Learning implementation by creating curriculum leadership positions for Grades Pre-K/5 and Grades 6-12. This publication outlines highlights of our strategic progress thus far. The strategic plan is productive to this point because of feedback, buy-in, and participation from the board, administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents. We look forward to reporting the school's exciting progress annually. Sincerely, Kirk Duncan, Head of School D E A R C D S C O M M U N I T Y , C A R O L I N A D A Y S C H O O L | S T R A T E G I C P L A N Y E A R O N E

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