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"I love CDS because social groups are not defined; I can hang out with so many different kinds of people. It broadens your perspective on who people are and what is at the core of every person."—CDS Senior, Class of 2016 "The teachers' knowledge here—of how the child learns and how the brain works—that is what sets us apart as a school." —Middle and Upper School Parent "The more you explore here, the more you will find." —CDS Alumni, Class of 2016 "Our students learn how to productively comment on their own writing and that of their peers." —Middle School Faculty Member "Carolina Day really helped prepare me for my career. Certainly the academic standards are very high, but I think the quality of teachers is what stands out. It wasn't just teaching the subject. It was the engagement you got with teachers that I really appreciated, and it was the critical thinking that was encouraged. That was what was atypical." —CDS Alumni, Class of 2001 "Going to Carolina Day instilled a great work ethic, how to work well with others, and how to write effectively." —CDS Alumni, Class of 2010 "Creation, for me, is a really joyful thing." —Middle School Faculty Member "Carolina Day School is making a meaningful difference in my family's life. Thank you for making space for my three children and for nurturing all of us." —Lower School Parent "It was the best decision I ever made– to come to Carolina Day School." —CDS Upper School Student

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