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Staudt 1 Ryssa Staudt Ms. Evans AP Language and Composition 20 November 2020 Conform Culture and Minority Experiences America: referred to as the melting pot of cultures—yet America's dominant culture is white and heterosexual (quite honestly the opposite of diverse). White cultural domination comes from a long history of conformity in a multiculturalist society. 21st century battles against racism, sexism, ableism, colorism (and essentially all other "isms'' which divide and harm people) creates a fractionated society that simultaneously manages acceptance and rejection. While many people embrace their identities, minorities in America often experience double-consciousness and the need to cover or assimilate in a predominantly white-hetero culture. America's persistent culture of conformity perpetuates minorities' experiences of isolation and suppression; however, movements of unity and authenticity may bring hope for a better future. James Baldwin in "A Stranger in the Village" and W.E.B DuBois in "Of our Spiritual Strivings" write about their experiences as black men. Both depict the "complexity of tensions" black men feel as they struggle with "internal warfare-rage" (Baldwin 11) and experiences of "two-ness" or double consciousness (DuBois 3). The authors illustrate the same idea: black men in America experience an extreme degree of inner-turmoil due to the interaction between white

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